Grade school Bullies

Once again, it has been a very long while since I wrote anything. I think its therapeutic and do not know why I stopped, except life gets I the way of things. We all know that we find time for what is important, and the lesser important things get ignored. Well, this blog is important, but my time with God and my family has taken precedence lately. I will try to devote more time to this because I feel like frequently I have things to say, or get off of my chest and this is good for me. I do hope you will chime in and offer kind advice when you feel lead to do so.
Today my issue is bullies!! I have a beautiful 8 year old child with Jesus in his heart. Kids at school are less than kind, but my son refuses to stand up to these kids. He specifically told me “Mom, I don’t need to fight these kids. God knows what they are doing and they will have to answer to him one day”. BRAVO to my beautiful child, BUT, as a mom, when 6 of them attack him on the playground, I am less than happy. Where are the teachers? Who are the parents? Why is someone other than me not hopping mad about this? I am struggling between driving to each child’s house and attacking the parents, or telling my son he MUST punch them square in the face when they pull this! Am I angry? No, I am CRUSHED!. This is a SUPER SWEET KID we are talking about. I’m woman enough to admit some of my kids are not this sweet, my other children are normal kids, but this child is special, and my heart is breaking for him. How do I nurture this side of my child who is so Godly, but still teach him not to be a doormat? HELP!!????